Apology to Italian-Canadians

It was an honour to be present in the House of Commons today for the apology delivered to Italian-Canadians, for their unjust internment during the Second World War.
In Niagara Falls alone, 28 Italian-Canadians were taken from their families by the RCMP under orders from the government of the day in Ottawa.
Today’s apology and the apology made by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney in 1990 at an event hosted by the Italian-Canadian community, are both equally important. They acknowledge the pain that was caused to thousands of Canadians by their own government.
As a Canadian of Italian heritage myself, I am pleased to be a member of our local Order of Sons and Daughters of Italy Club (Club Italia), as well as hold active membership in the Italian-Canadian Interparliamentary Group.
I was pleased to hear the speeches delivered today, by leaders of all parties, especially the speech from my Conservative Leader, Erin O'Toole. You can watch Erin’s full apology speech here.