Canadians stuck in quarantine due to Liberal failures on ArriveCAN app


Ottawa, ON – Raquel Dancho, Conservative Shadow Minister for Public Safety, Luc Berthold, Conservative Shadow Minister for Health, and Melissa Lantsman, Conservative Shadow Minister for Transport, released the following statement in response to Canadians being impacted by the Liberals failed ArriveCAN app:

“Canadians across the country have been unable to use the ArriveCAN app at Canadian ports of entry due to poor cell phone network coverage, a lack of freely available Wi-Fi or the app repeatedly crashing. Further, the requirement to utilize the ArriveCAN app has been discriminatory towards Canadians without smartphone access, including seniors and Canadians with visual accessibility needs.

“Recently, following calls from Canada’s Conservatives to fix this, the Liberals instructed the CBSA to provide reasonable accommodation for Canadians returning home at our land border. However, many Canadians remain stuck in two weeks of quarantine for failing to use an app due to poor government communication. 

"Canada’s Conservatives are deeply concerned by the haphazard patchwork of policies and the lack of consideration for travellers subject to this policy. During a pandemic, clear and concise communications from the government is critical. 

“Canada must be agile and rapidly address new threats to ensure that Canadians are safe and our economy can remain open. But to do so, the lessons learned from earlier in the pandemic must inform our actions. Canadians can’t afford more pandemic mismanagement from Justin Trudeau - they need a real plan that protects Canadians from emerging variants in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Canada’s Conservatives are calling on the Liberal government to take real and effective action by revoking the erroneous quarantine orders for fully vaccinated Canadians who have been wrongly punished due to this government’s bungled ArriveCAN app policy.”