Tony Debates 2022 Fall Economic Statement

Yesterday, I participated in the debate on the 2022 Fall Economic Statement in the House of Commons.
Under the Trudeau Liberals, life is getting more and more expensive for Canadians. The harder Canadians work to get ahead, the less money they have to save or spend because of increasing taxes and high inflation.
On top of this, despite record federal spending and a record federal workforce, basic federal services do not work anymore. Passports. Nexus. Access to information. Immigration applications. The Phoenix pay system disaster. The list goes on and on…
Under these reckless Liberals, the federal government has grown too big and too expensive and it is breaking down. Yet, Canadians like you and me still have to pay high taxes for bad service – or no service. We are getting bad value for our money.
Please watch my question and answer exchanges with my parliamentary colleagues or you may read the full transcript of my speech by clicking here.